New Ideas as Opposed to Ideas New to You


A peer in my PIDP3250 class recently asked “When encouraging students to think creatively in a classroom environment that has people from varying backgrounds and experiences, should we always reward people for coming up with something new or unique? Or should we be focused on them coming up with ideas that are new and unique to them?”

I think this is a great question!  In my opinion, I think we should all embrace ideas that are new and unique and absolutely encourage and possibly even reward those for being insightful enough to think of them.

That said, students coming up with ideas new to them sounds a lot like learning to me!  These are the ‘aha!’ moments that instructors love to see, and that we all get a real sense of enjoyment and accomplishment from!  Below is an interesting article from the Globe and Mail that discusses the biology behind these moment’s and how a break from the everyday can sometimes be the trigger we need. My favorite comment comes at the end of the article:

“It’s counterintuitive, but for me, napping is one of the most productive things I can do,”

Now there is a task I would like added to my roles and responsibilities!

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