Questioning Techniques – The Rhetorical Question

rhetorical questions.001

How can we use the rhetorical questions as an effective form of questioning?  This is a great question and, as it turns out, another interesting tool we can use as instructors!  After reflecting I realize that I have used rhetorical questions in the classroom, and in business meetings for that matter, but it was not by design.  Rather, it is something I occasionally do unconsciously.  Rhetorical questions identify key points and get people thinking and engaged.  Having now thought consciously about it, is something that could be manufactured and used in lectures or even in conversation very effectively.  

I did however find in my reading that not all rhetorical questions are created equal.  Below is a list of 10 of these questions which I agree do not have a place in the classroom.  These are related more to younger students and are a trip down memory lane for those that have heard them before!

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