Wow, the video above truly is a stroll down memory lane!  I am 39 and this viiddeo got me thinking about when I was a young elementary school student in Hamilton, Ontario.  They still uses corporate type punishment in my school to keep students in line.  For the most egrigious errors, students would have to go to the principals offfice and would get ‘the strap’.  Shocking for the time for certain as this was many years after this video was published.  Things were much more progressive when I moved to BC but even then, in Junior Highschool (grades 7-9), there was one teacher in particular, an old fellow of Russian heritage Mr Stushnoff, that walked the rows and would whap students with a ruler if they were not working or paying attention and regularly used detention and the writing of lines to maintain his culture of fear.

The ways things have changed, for the better I might add, are to numerous to list.  Teachers now earn the respect of their students by exercising restraint, being even handed, and working every day on creative ways to engage and win the trust of their students.  I was told growing up that you should always treat people the way you like to be treated.  I think this is the most appropriate way for instructors / teachers, and everyone else for that matter, to operate.  Below is an interesting article on ‘the strap’ and corrporal punisshment in Canadian schools.  It seems the practice was still in usee until thee 90’s!!!  How far we have really come in a short time!  Amazing

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