The Flipped Classroom – Trouble in Paradise

Below is an interesting article ‘The Flip: End of a Love Affair’ that challenges the effectiveness of a Flipped High School Classroom.  They flipped, then flopped back, why?  The author asserts it is a result of transitioning from a teacher-centered to a student-centered classroom.  Is the Flipped Classroom not a student-centred approach to learning?

I think part of the authors issue had had to do with not being creative enough with the evening assignments.  I think they could still be of value to students.  They do not have to be assigned every night, perhaps just a couple a week (or even just one).  Perhaps he could have used Powtoon type animations to keep it varied or assigned reading from text books that could validate the information they found.  His classroom became more learner centred for certain, but I am not sure the implementation of the flip was nailed.

Then a fellow classmate, Anne Fehr, made an interesting point. Having the students perform their own research (i.e. content discovery as opposed to delivery) as happened in this class, may just well be the next evolution in the flipped classroom.  I tend to agree with the idea but think that may be more something to work toward as a course develops or for higher level courses.  That said, figuring out how to do something on your own is definitely more rewarding and far more engaging! I believe it could help with retention as well.

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