The Flipped Classroom vs. The Traditional Classrroom

Traditional Vs. Flipped Classroom

An Introduction to the Flipped Classroom. Let’s look at the definition of a Flipped Classroom courtesy of Wikipedia.

Flipped classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional educational arrangement by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom. It moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom. In a flipped classroom, students watch online lectures, collaborate in online discussions, and carry out research at home and then spend their classroom time applying their knowledge in the classroom with the guidance of the instructor.

Below is a short info graphic that illustrates the differences between the Traditional Classroom and the Flipped Classroom.    I think this is a very powerful way of learning that almost literally turns our standard teaching methods on their head!

One of my classmated, John Bolton, pointed out however that this method is not entirely new and used the example of an English Literature course where the reading is assigned, and then the class is spent discussing the reading.  Interesting thought!

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