Your Brain on Video Games


My instructor in PIDP3240 directed us to this TED Talk in one of our discussion forums and I found it very fascinating indeed!  If they can continue to study and find that perfect game recipe where the games are engaging and entertaining while also being good for you, as Daphne mentioned in the video using the the broccoli and chocolate analogy, perhaps games could even be prescribed as a therapy!?

On that note, I found this interesting article recently published in Time Magazine on how video games can be good for your health.  Jane McGonigal, a game designer, has data borne of science that shows that gaming is the neurological opposite of depression.

On another note, gaming is coming to distance and on campus education near you very soon.  I am an electrician by trade and recently spoke with the folks at the IBEW local 213 in Vancouver.  They are in the process of importing to Canada the technology mentioned in the first article in this newsletter ‘The Future of Training’.  They are using game play to simulate installations of equipment and the consequences of poor workmanship.  Check out the link below…

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