Educational apps for use in the classroom


A fellow student in my PIDP3240 class, David Lambe, started an interesting discussion about Kahoot which is an online quiz app for use in classrooms.  My instructional background is as an electrical instructor and I found it difficult to keep the attention of folks in the classroom when competing with all the wonderous things the internet has to offer, be it social media, news and current events or what have you that are available with a quick swipe of the screen on their mobile devices.  The time we spent in the lab working hands on was not the problem so much as the time in classroom covering electrical theory, which can be as dry as it sounds by the way!  It is so interesting to hear that his experience using Kahoot has been positive.  I have read articles on the subject in the past and it makes a lot of sense to me incorporate these devices in the classroom in a positive way!  They certainly are not going away so my gut feeling is that embracing the technology and employing apps that encourage their use creatively is the way to go.

Reading David’s post got me looking online at other similar tools and I discovered the edutopia blog below that lists 5 fast, formative assessment tools; Kahoot being one of them.

One of the other tools listed is Socrative, which I am familiar with because one of the instructors in the PIDP program had us using it.  The one of real interest to me however, partially because of my fascination with the flipped classroom model, is Zaption.  It allows you to embed questions in the videos that students watch and stops them from moving forward until they are answered correctly.  I could see this also being a powerful tool if used correctly!

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