Web 2.0 Tools

I have done some digging around and there is an endless variety of what would fit the definition for Web 2.0 tools.  I have chosen to give a brief description of two of those today.  The first, Classstools, is one of the most fun sites that I have ever come across and the other, slide share, is a very popular site that is now part of the Linkedin family.  See descriptions below:



Classtools is an extraordinary site that has a very large number of ‘tools’ created specifically for education purposed.  I imagine the site creator is a developer of sorts.  You can create free games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in no time.  There is a pack-man game for example that you can open and start playing as soon as you enter 10 questions and answers.  You can create fake news headlines to include in a lecture, create a fake social media profile on ‘fake book’, and create a wheel of fortune type name selector for classroom activities and more!


Slide share


Slide share is, just as is sounds, a web2.0  site that facilitates the sharing of slides and complete presentations.  You can upload one you created and are proud of and view countless others.  It is more or less the Youtube of slideshows.  It is an excellent resource for any instructor and a great way to learn something new.  I will be reviewing many slide shows on the site when creating my power point assignment to get an indication of best practices and to findd some fresh ideas!


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