Haptik Technology


A fellow classmate (Marwa Kotb) posted an incredibly interesting link in our discussion forum about this relatively new Haptik technology.  The applications for this could be endless!  I can’t help but think we are slowly working our way toward creating a Holodeck (for you Star Trek fans out there!).  I began to look more into this technology and found another variation called Ultrahaptics that is looking at using ultrasound waves to make you feel like you are touching virtual objects.  This quote below will give you an indication of where this technology could be heading:

“If the resolution can be improved, applications could include interacting with moving objects in virtual reality games, or improving navigation for the visually impaired by projecting the sensation of Braille letters onto fingers in midair.”

This gets me thinking about the possible ways this technology could eventually be used in trades training, or at least the ‘hands on’ component of it.  The pace technology is moving at is truly astounding!




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