Mentorship Matters


As many people are aware, the skilled trades and technical sector has a real challenge ahead in attracting new talent and training them to replace an aging work force.  We have a massive influx of young, under trained workers now entering the trades with few older seasoned folks to get them up to speed and pass that knowledge along.  Poor transfer of knowledge has been identified as the main reason for the large cost over runs on many of the larger industrial projects in Canada and abroad and as a result there is a push to improve in this regard.  I am sure the situation is the same in other professions as well.

Below is a link to a new program Mentorship Matters that has been created by Skill Plan and the EJTC to help address this issue.  While we have been focusing in this course on better teaching methods and different approaches, I think it is important to recognize that professionals in general need to take some responsibility for learning as well.  Teaching, in this case Journeyman tradespeople, that they are in fact also teachers (i.e. mentors) and also teaching Apprentices (i.e. mentee’s) how to be mentored is an important step we need to take to address these issues.  Thoughts?

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