Educational Costs and the Online Solution


A fellow classmate in my PIDP3240 class, Pam Cheema, posted the link below to a wonderful college selecting tool that, as she described it “Is a simple interactive link set up by an MIT professor Michael Scott Cuthbert to see where students can apply based on the income, the interested state, and the SAT or ACT score. It seems the main issue [is] there are many students cannot afford higher education and as a result of that many may not achieve their occupational dreams or just simply take longer.”

It would be fantastic if there were a similar tool available in Canada to help folks sift their way through the vast number of schools & programs available today.  Having the ability to search, as is the case with this site, with the financial component in mind as well as the ways in which the programs are offered would be ideal.  I have been researching the idea of enrolling in an EMBA program and the amount of time it took me to properly assess all the available options was astounding!

Pam’s post got me thinking about how the costs of a post secondary education have been steadily increasing, to the point where education after high school is simply not an option for many people in our society.   As is I can’t help but feel like we are already at the point where people that can afford the schooling are essentially buying a job.   The burden of training once shared with employers has been pushed on to employees to the point where it can take 10 years to recoup the costs.  Online education could be the solution to this issue in the longer term.

Below is an online article I found that discusses just this and explains what the current research is telling us about it.  Early on in the article it talks about 5 recurrent themes that stood out after reviewing the research.  Of these theme’s, the one that stood out most to me was that “Inter-institutional, provincial, and/or pan-Canadian cooperation and collaboration are necessary to address issues of cost and of resource and service duplication, as well as achieve critical mass.”  In other words, cooperation amongstt institutions and different levels of government will be one of the keys to reducing the costs of creating affordable online programs.  I really do believe we will get to the point where everyone has affordable access to education, but it going to take some work and the dismantling and rebuilding of many of the educational institutions we know.

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