I discovered an interesting was of producing documents with Powerpoint called Slidedocs through a forum post by a classmate Javier Otero (below).


I had never really thought of writing a document in Powerpoint but after a quick read it makes a lot of sense.  I write a very extensive Business Development Strategic Plan each year for the electrical company I work for, with help from an assistant who is more MS office savvy than I,  and we have struggled to add images & links as well as charts and graphs to these in an effective way.  They are typically written in Microsoft Word and we often end up also creating a presentation.  Combining the two is a logical next step that I had never even contemplated for some reason.  I am now aiming to produce something similar this in October for our AGM.  I have done a fair amount reading since and stumbled across the article below.  As the author mentions:

It’s been in front of us the whole time — this crazy awesome way of communicating information that’s both easily consumed and easily referenced.

My sentiments exactly!

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