Digital Badges & Self Directed Learning


A classmate Liana Axente commented on my earlier post ‘Mentorship Matters’ with an interesting idea I likely would never have contemplated.  Her post is below:

“Digital Badges are increasingly used in the workplace, a way to make achievements known and credible. Wikipedia calls them a “validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in various learning environments.” Open Badges by Mozilla takes digital badges one step further to standardize the information coded into the badge image file. According to Credly, a digital badge service, some organizations use digital credentials to validate skills individuals bring to their current and future jobs.”

“I am wondering if a similar method would be applicable in the Journeyman tradespeople to help professionals take some of the responsibility for learning in a more self-directed approach.”

I believe people need to take charge of their own education and become more self directed.  Electrical is a very large trade which can, and is, broken down into numerous subject areas.  I can actually see how badges for particular competencies could be awarded and even be added to a persons resume to prove they are competent in a particular area.

After reading her post I looked online to see if anything of the sort is being used today and to my surprise I very easily found the article below.  It turns out that Los Angeles Trade-Technical College is using digital badges for foundation credential competencies.  An excerpt from that article is below.  Very interesting indeed.

“The Foundation Credential competencies will be further documented and memorialized through the use of digital badges. These badges will include digital information about the specific competencies that are demonstrated and how they were assessed.”

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