Trends in Learning and Teaching in 2016


I found this interesting article outlining the trends the author expects in Learning and Teaching in 2016.  There are three identified areas where significant advancement is expected 1) Alternative credentialing, 2) Experimentation in new teaching models and learning spaces, and 3) Student-driven personalized learning.  The author ignored gamification and augmented reality this year as these are seen as advancements that will not take hold in a large way this year.

Alternative Credentialing is already starting to take place with digital badges and the multiple certifications that are now being issued by sites such as Coursera and edX.

Experimentation in new teaching models and learning spaces is changing our education system from one that is instructor-focused and passive to one that is student-centered and active.  Instructional models are changing and schools are now re-inventing their learning spaces to adapt to a new culture and digital technology.

Student-driven personalized learning is starting to take shape.  As the author put it “learners control their learning and become not just consumers of content but active creators of content”.

These trends are having a large impact on education today and the potential for change resulting from them is enormous.  I encourage you to read about these in more detail at the blog link provided below.

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