About Me

Below is a bit of background on my professional life to date.  I started out going to Camosun College in Victoria with aim of completing my math degree and ultimately becoming a highschool math teacher.  When I was about a year and a half down that road I started looking at the wage I would earn out of school and the debt burden I would have from student loans and I decided to change course.

I then started to apprentice to become an electrician.  I was surprised at the time at how much I enjoyed working with my hands as acedamia was the only option I had thought would fit.  I completed my apprenticeship and after serving the mandatory 1 year as a journeyman I decided to open my own business in my home town, Chilliwack, BC.

I worked at the business for 5 years but was tired of the 24 hour schedule and the inability to take holidays so I changed course and took a job as an electrical instructor at Vancouver Career College.  It turned out I loved teaching, though I would have prefered it at a public institution.  I worked at the school for close to a year and then out of the blue was offered a job managing the service department of an electrical company in the Cayman Islands, which I accepted.

I spent three years overseas in this role before deciding it was time to move home.  That is when I accepted my current role in Vernon, BC, as a Business Development Representative for a large company, Westwood Electric, that operate throughout Western Canada and in the north.  That was three years ago.

I started taking PIDP courses online while in the Cayman Islands and have continued while in in my current role here in Vernon.  Once I complete the program my plan is to instruct some evening courses in the Okanagan and to then assess my options.  It has been a long slow journey for me to this point but with only two courses left to complete (inclusive of this one) and then the Capstone project, I am starting to see the light!  I invite any of my classmates interested on connecting on linked in to reach out to me at the link on the home page!  Please just make note that we are classmates in this course.  Good luck to us all!

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